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Chess in Iowa offers registration to the following tournaments.

  • All tournament announcements are posted online at the Iowa State Chess Association Website

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Iowa K-12 Scholastic Championship

with sections for

Grades K-8, K-5, and K-3

Entry Fee

& Membership Requirements


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Current Registrations


Entry Fee = $15 in Advance,

$20 on Saturday.

USCF Membership Required

(Available for $11 on site)

IASCA is Membership is NOT Required

USCF ID Lookup

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or email with your roster and school. You must arrive by 9:30 to check in and pay the registration fee

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All Sections: Top 5 Scores Overall

  • K-12 Open: Trophies for Top scores U800, U1000, U1200 & UNR
  • K-8 Section: Top U600, U800, U1000 & UNR
  • K-5 section: Top U400, U600, U800 & UNR
  • K-3 Section: Top scores U200, U400, U600, & UNR