Prairie Chess Club

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Prairie Chess Club!

We have many opportunities to play chess throughout the Prairie Schools. Currently, registration is open for clubs at Point, Creek, Heights, Hill, and Crest.

  • We meet on all Mondays school is in session.
  • Pick up is 4:30 pm for grades 5-9 and 5:00 pm for grades K-4.
  • Students in Grades K-4 will be met at the bus loading area and be escorted to Prairie Creek for their chess lesson and to play chess games.
  • There are no fees. All chess equipment and online chess instructional materials are provided by the school.
  • There will be an opportunity to sign up for treats and to purchase Prairie Chess Club T-Shirts
  • We will play 2-4 other scholastic chess clubs in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City during the school year.
Prairie Chess Club Newsletter #1

Weekly Chess Puzzles

The following chess puzzles were handed out to students at the Prairie Chess Club where we worked together during our lesson and concluded with a review of the answers.

One Move Mates.pdf

Week 1: Checkmate in One Move

Find White's best move that checkmates the Black King.

Back Rank Mate.pdf

Week 2: Back Rank Checkmate

Find the move or sequence of moves that checkmates the Black King. The tactic requires a rook or queen to deliver checkmate by moving to the back rank (8th row).