Prairie Chess Club

Welcome to the 2020 Prairie Chess Club!

We have many opportunities to play chess throughout the Prairie Schools. Currently, registration is open for clubs at Point, Creek, Heights, Hill, and Crest.

  • The Prairie Chess Club meets at Prairie Creek on Mondays after school. Pick up is 4:30 pm for grades 5-9 and 5:00 pm for grades K-4. Students in Grades K-4 will be met at the bus loading area and be escorted to Prairie Creek for their chess lesson and to play chess games.
  • There are no fees. All chess equipment and online chess instructional materials are provided by the school.
  • There will be an opportunity to sign up for treats and to purchase Prairie Chess Club T-Shirts
  • We will play in scholastic chess tournaments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines during the school year.