Chess in Iowa is the 501(c)3 public charitable organization that administers our local chess clubs, tournaments, camps, and other educational events. Chess in Iowa operates with support from volunteers, other non-profit organizations, and donations. And while we do charge fees for some of these, there are many times where those fees don't cover all of our direct expenses. We also make in-kind contributions or offer the activity free of charge or with a scholarship such as for a scholastic event.

Donate through PayPal. Decide on the amount you wish to donate and whether you would like to set it up as a one time donation or a recurring donation.

If you are considering purchasing chess equipment, Chess in Iowa is an affiliate of Wholesale Chess. We receive a 10% donation for everything you purchase through our referral weblink. Of course, Chess in Iowa purchases just about everything "chess" through this link. Please note that if you go directly to, we will not receive the 10% donation.

One way that you that you can support Chess in Iowa and our work in the chess community is to take advantage of donations generated through your online shopping. Amazon will provide 0.5% of all purchases to a charity of your choice. This does not increase the cost of your purchase and Amazon Prime users still receive all of their benefits such as Prime Shipping. Simply use this link to start your online shopping with to have 0.5% of your purchase price redirected from Amazon to Chess in Iowa. (46-4188376 is our IRS Tax ID).