10th Annual Prairie Chess Series

Here is the status of the team, individual, sibling, and parent/child standins. It is a big spreadsheet that so you can see individual standings for each section as well as Large and Small Teams, Siblings, and Parent/Child standings after two events. Since series and team awards cut across section, the scores are the sum of the winning percentage from each tournament. So the max individual score after 2 tournaments is 200% and will be 300% after the third tournament. The Large Team is the sum of the top six players individual scores. So, after two event the max score is 6 x 200% or 1200% and after Saturday it will be 6 x 300% or 1800%. If you are a spreadsheet geek like me, are free to double check my numbers and let me know if there are errors anywhere.

Large Team is the sum of the top six winning percentages per school

10PCS Series Results.XLSX